What is a moodboard?

When you come across interior designer, you probably will hear about moodboard. But what is a moodboard? Do you really need it? How can it help in the interior designing process? And should you pay for it?

Moodboard, just like its name would suggest- is a board filled with mood J It’s a general idea and feeling of each room that interior designer is working on.

Why do you need a moodboard? When you meet your interior designer for the very fist time, there is a lot of ideas flying around. You probably have so many options and ideas for every room, you love every single piece of furniture and your style is very modern and moodboardclassical with some additions of shabby chic and vintage elements. Sounds familiar? And we know, that after brain storming you might have your final idea in your mind, yes. But so does your interior designer! Next logical and safe step is for a professional to complete a board with all of the final ideas just visualised for you and him to discuss and agree or disagree. If you ever have a choice between having a moodboard or leaving this step- our advice is to always ask for one.

What your moodboard will include? Ideas, ideas, ideas. We do put pictures on them, but not always they are real products from the stores that you will go later on, so don’t stress if you don’t exactly love picked elements. Those are only ideas to help you visualise final effect. Sometimes moodboards will include few discussed options. What we also do, and love on our moodboards? We show you colour schemes and how colours work together. We might include even real fabrics for you to feel and see how they might work for you.

How can it help in the designing process? It will give you an idea how your spaces will look. Sometimes you see things differently than your interior designer. Very often clients will name the styles they love and confuse modern with classical for example. You, as a client, don’t even have to know any style or the name! It’s interior designer’s job to figure out what you really love, so don’t worry. But a simple moodboard will clear everything! After seeing something very different than you have said you can discuss your design even further to make sure your interior designer and you speak the same language and you both have the same idea.

Mood boardsBut should you pay for a moodboard? Some places offer them for free just because they don’t require much work, ideas are just copied and pasted. If it works for you, that is what you should go for! But if you want to see your project taken care of individually and very carefully, then you can negotiate the price with your interior designer. Creating one moodboard equals few hours of work, sometimes even going to the shops to take fabrick samples hence you will pay. You need to remember that all of the interior designers should be ok with you negotiating the price of their services, so you can always ask for discounts! J And if the moodboards need to be changed just because you and your interior designer had different ideas- you shoulnd’t pay for any changes.

So now, when you know how to use a moodboard, you should feel confident when meeting your interior designer. If your first meeting will have only a huge brainstorm and made you feel unsure of your work together, just wait for moodboards! It will definitely show you whether your interior designer is the one to work with!

Good luck!

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Gifts for a new home. #1

You probably have been invited to housewarming party plenty of times and you had no idea what to buy. We will have a series of posts giving you an idea of a good gifts for a new home.


First of all- you don’t want to buy a piece that will not match a colour scheme or a general design, therefore before buying anything you should ask few questions on how the house looks. What can you ask and what the answers will tell you:

Has your new place been designed yet? If yes, ask about dominating colours and general house-feeling. If not- then ask about any features that they want to buy but haven’t had a chance as yet. Maybe they need a huge vase or maybe a cosy throw? Let the owners tell you what is needed and what they already have.

Do you like small decorating elements? Maybe this might seem odd, but some people really love to surround their homes with figurines and other little pieces of memories. Maybe they are a huge fan of a Buddha statues? Or maybe they love candles? There is often DSC_3300a small and perfect gift, all you need to do is ask.

Have you been looking for something and you haven’t found it yet? When they will describe to you decorative element, maybe a picture frame or set of mugs- you have a gift idea! 🙂

By now, having answers from new house owners- you will have an idea what to buy and what not to buy for them. In the next posts in this category we will show you perfect gifts for new home owners.

New Year, new home.

As we have entered this New Year and everyone has settled down a bit. Now we don’t mistake 2016 for 2015 when we talk dates or write something down… We think it’s the right time for changes!

Interior Designer London

New Year, new home. This year make a statement in style, change your home appearance and make your 2016 much better than any other year before.

What is our offer? For the next 2 months we offer you 3 hours of personal shopping for your home for only £100* !
Exciting? We have even more in stock! After our shopping trip you will receive an e-mail with our advice and main things we have advised you in stores.

Please contact us via e-mail: basiagryc@gmail.com

With love,
DesignStreet London

*Savings= £50. Any additional hour will cost you our normal rate that is £50 per hour. Offer ends 14/03/2016.

Our project in Perfect Eyelashes video!

As you probably know by now- we have designed Perfect Eyelashes salon based in Kensington.


If you are wondering how it looks live, but you simply can’t pay a visit, we have an amazing solution for you! 🙂 Our lovely friends from Perfect Eyelashes have recorded promotional video, where you can watch our design! What is your favourite design element in the salon?


Christmas 2015

Last year we have showed you a list of 2014 Christmas must-haves. This time we have also prepared our top 5 of Christmas 2015 trends. Enjoy!

Glitter christmas tree
Tesco Direct £50

Christmas tree 2015

This year we can go crazy with Christmas trees, almost literally! Glitter and gold in one go? Yes please! 🙂

Lighted Christmas gifts
ShindigZ by Stumps £52,55
Homebase £34.99


Why not use alternative lights this year? Lighted gifts would look lovely on their own and also as an addition under your Christmas tree!

Owl decorations
Notonthehighstreet.com £5.00
Homebase £1.49

This year owl theme is visible on every step, so why not make it visible throughout your Christmas also?

Simple Christmas candle holders
Artisanti £24.00

Candleholders Christmas 2015

If you want to go for minimalistic Christmas decorations, these candle holders are perfect. All you need to do is to add a bit of gold here and there- your minimalistic space will be full of Christmas spirit without many items.

Christmas cushions
Tesco direct £8.00
John Lewis £20.00
Kaleidoscope £20.00

If you love being cosy during Christmas time, maybe you should choose Christmas-only cushions? Remember, this will be a decoration that is always in fashion. You have two ways of choosing the right cushions- either you can choose something that will fit into your current colour scheme to achieve your ultimate look; or you can go crazy with patterns, because it’s Christmas, and you can! 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed our 2015 Christmas trends!

Kitchen shelves made to measure

Sometimes we have to think of creative way of filling up the space. Especially when we really need extra shelves space. This situation was exactly like that- empty place to fill out with.. some creativity 🙂

DesignStreet Interiors London

All was made to measure for needs of our client. Colour had to fill colour scheme and now it looks like it should look since the beginning 🙂 Another happy client with custom space in her kitchen!


Design Street Custom Made Shelves

With love,
Design Street

Custom made Street Sign

Hope you are doing well!

We were quite busy lately at Design Street and today we will show you one of our latest DIY projects- custom made Street Sign for NNB nail salon in South West London. We are so pleased with the results! 🙂

To create this Street Sign we have used wood, Valspar Paint and Rust-Oleum; both amazing and very easy to use. I will show you exact products that we have used to create this look 🙂

Wood from Wickes:

woodtinted wood

Colourful Valspar:

Valspar colours

Rust-Oleum Crackle:

Rust-Oleum Crackle

We had a lot of fun during this project! This is the first version, before taking any serious steps (as screwing it all together!):

Trial version Design Street London

And this is the final version:

NNB sign

NNB salon

We are so very proud and happy that our street sign is now on the streets od London 🙂

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Have a lovely and colourful day!